Four Nations Notify Support for Climate Accord; Cuba Is Opposed

Four Nations Notify Support for Climate Accord; Cuba Is Opposed

6 January 2010

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UN –Australia is among four nations to notify the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of their support for the Copenhagen climate-protection accord.

Cuba is the only nation so far to say it doesn’t want to be associated with the plan struck last month in the Danish capital, UNFCCC spokesman John Hay, based in Bonn, Germany, said today by e-mail. Australia, Canada, Papua New Guinea and the Maldives have “notified us that they wish to be associated with the Copenhagen accord,” he said.

The Copenhagen deal, reached at the close of a two-week United Nations summit in the city, has been criticized by environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth and carbon traders including Barclays Capital for not setting binding targets. About 194 countries including the U.S., China and India have been given until Jan. 31 to name actions and targets by 2020 that will be listed in the accord.

“Australia was first,” Hay said by phone. That island nation had the warmest decade since records started in 1910, ending the period with extreme bushfires, crop-damaging dust storms and wilting heat waves, the nation’s bureau of meteorology said yesterday.

Leading up to the summit, China, India, Brazil and the U.S. declared plans to slow the growth of power plant and factory emissions that many scientists blame for global warming.

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