North Australian fire and weather site secures funding

North Australian fire and weather site secures funding

6 January 2010

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Australia — A website that provides information on bushfires and weather conditions to property owners across Australia’s north has managed to secure funding for a further year.

The North Australian Fire Information website was in danger of folding late last year when the major sponsor – the Tropical Savanah Co-operative Research Centre – closed.

NAFI spokesperson Kim Dungey says it’s now got enough money to keep the $180,000 site running through 2010.

Mr Dungey says three quarters of the funding has come from the Northern Territory government, and the website will allow users to donate money in the hope of securing further sponsorship.

“What the NAFI site has offered is to build digital tools for people who supply funding for the continuance of the site,” he says.

“Anybody can then use a password and upload data onto it and things like fire lines, local burning, put in infrastructure too for fire fighting you can actually add water points, tanks, fire fighting equipment,” he says.

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