Push to exclude bushfires from carbon calculations

Push to exclude bushfires from carbon calculations

14 December 2009

published by www.abc.net.au

Australia —

Australia is pushing to exempt carbon emissions caused by drought and bushfires from any carbon pollution reduction scheme

It’s a move that has deeply divided the climate change summit in Copenhagen.

But the exemptions have the backing of the agriculture sector.

President of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers Ajay Vashee says farmers shouldn’t be penalised for natural emissions beyond their control.

“Already agriculture is accepting that not only is it a victim of climate change, but also responsible for 14 per cent of emissions, and we believe we do provide up to 30 per cent of solutions,” says Mr Vashee.

But we should not be held responsible for natural emissions that are due to climate change conditions that are droughts or bushfires.”

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