Homeowners celebrate rebuild nod

Homeowners celebrate rebuild nod

7 December 2009

published by www.abc.net.au

Australia — Twelve owners of Bendigo properties, who lost their homes in a Black Saturday bushfire, were celebrating over the weekend.

For the past 10 months they have been unable to rebuild because planning laws did not allow septic tanks to be rebuilt.

Last week, Coliban Water and the Bushfire Community Recovery Committee announced a sewerage network expansion that will satisfy planning laws.

But property owner Gail Allan says she has had to buy another property because of the delay and is yet to decide whether to move back in.

“We’ve been disappointed a number of times over the past 10 months, thinking the funding was going to be there and then there wasn’t enough funding,” she said.

“So it has been a long, drawn out process but we are extremely pleased, at last it’s going to be resolved.”

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