Wildfire Fighter

Wildfire Fighter

24 November 2009

published by appshopper.com

USA– It’s fire season and your chance to command a wildfire protection unit armed with helitankers and airtankers as they battle raging fires wreaking havoc across the land. Fire spreads like a real fire and you will will be challenged to protect the towns from immolation

Are you ready for the most exciting real-time strategy game to hit the app store? Get ready to battle nature’s deadliest force with speed, strategy and perhaps a little luck. You’ll need it.

Game Description:

Fires are spreading through out the wild lands and you must stop them before they get out of control. If a town burns or you collide while in flight, it’s game over. Got it?


– Fire, Wind, Roads, Water and Temperature all Affect the Direction and Speed with Which the Fire Spreads
– Water Pick Up and Water Dropping Vehicles
– Unbelievable Art and Gameplay
– Openfeint Leaderboard Integration
– Multiple Maps with Unique Challenges
– Three Action Packed Difficulty Settings
– Original Sountrack
– New Navigation Technique for Air Tankers
– Line Navigation Choppers With Water Payload
– Quality, Quality, Quality
– Addictive and Terribly Fun Game of Skill
– Simulated Fire
– Multi-finger controls and functionality
– Linedraw Gameplay

24/7 Support

Satisfaction: 100% Guaranteed. It’s now or never.

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