Fire blackens farm

Fire blackens farm

11 November 2009

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Australia — The first big blaze of the bushfire season has sent an ominous warning to central Victorians.

Flames fanned by wind gusts jumped four metres high as they ripped through a Campbells Forest paddock in yesterday afternoon’s high temperatures.

The 50-hectare fire about 20km north-east of Bendigo is believed to have been started by farm machinery. Smoke from it could be seen from the city centre.

Firefighters on 10 tankers took more than 40 minutes to control the blaze, which started about 12.45pm.

CFA operations officer Chris Jacobsen said the fire had not posed a threat to life or property.

He said the fire had been stopped before it reached overhead high-voltage powerlines.

“It’s a significant warning to all Victorians that the fire season is upon us,” Mr Jacobsen said.

“This is a timely reminder with the heat that we’re experiencing in November that even though fire restrictions are not in place, there are some areas that are ready to burn.

“If people haven’t worked out their prepare, act, survive fire safety plans yet, they need to do that right now.”

Mr Jacobsen said the fire had been difficult to control because of changing winds, which caused multiple fronts.

He said the fire initially burned north before switching direction and burning south-east towards the Pyramid-Yarraberb Road, which eventually stopped the flames.

One spot fire flared on the southern side of the road, burning dry grass in a house paddock.

Mr Jacobsen said traffic had been diverted from the fire.

“If people are travelling towards bushfire they need to consider their own safety first and take no risks,” he said.

The fire is believed to have started when a slasher being used by a farmer malfunctioned.

Mr Jacobsen said fire conditions had to be treated with respect.

The temperature reached 36.5 degrees at 4pm yesterday, the fourth consecutive day to top 30 degrees.

Four more days are forecast above 30 degrees for the rest of the week.

“If farmers or anybody else is working on the land, they need to make sure they’re following the proper precautions,” Mr Jacobsen said.

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