Bushfire accident

Bushfire accident

4 October 2009

published by www.fijitimes.com

Fiji Islands —

Bushfires along the Queen’s Highway in Navua caused an accident in Navua yesterday morning with two vehicles colliding head on because of poor visibility.

Navua police confirm the collision however, no one was injured. Police spokesman Sergeant Atunaisa Sokomuri added that the smoke on the road was the cause of the mishap.

Pacific Harbour resident Peter Robinson said bushfires and open fires which people start along the road have become a nuisance.

“I have suffered damages to my house because of open fires and I do believe that the authorities take the matter seriously and take action.”

He added that there have been complaints made but nothing has been done to curb the problem.

“These things could become really hazardous and lives could be lost. This morning as an example where there was an accident. I just want the people responsible to deal with this” said Robinson.

National Fire Authority spokeswoman Melita Ting said the issue has been raised and the NFA was pushing for amendments in legislation so people starting fires in the open can be disciplined.

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