Issue 10 : Beriev Be-200 in forest fire dry run

Issue 10 : Beriev Be-200 in forest fire dry run

14 September 2009

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Russia —

Russian rescue services have been using the amphibious Beriev Be-200 Altair aircraft to train rescue personnel and fight simulated forest fires in a joint exercise that included emergency rescue services from Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The Barents Rescue 2009, as the international practice session is known, took place in Murmansk, a city and seaport in the extreme northwest of Russia.<br />There were several scenarios in the training exercise, including training on forest fires using the Beriev Be-200. It is the first time the aircraft has been used above the Arctic Circle, although it has been used for fighting fires, search and rescue and maritime patrol since its introduction in 1993.

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