Arnie ‘pumps up’ LA bushfire crews

 Arnie ‘pumps up’ LA bushfire crews

2 September 2009

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USA — Investigators in California believe someone either accidentally or deliberately caused the massive wildfire north of Los Angeles.

They have ruled out lightning as the cause.

Firefighters continued backburning and clearing scrub ahead of the fire and have about one quarter of the fire contained.

Bulldozers still have 150 kilometres of fire lines to build.

Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the fire fighters this morning and served them breakfast.

“Give them a lot of spinach and proteins, so they get all pumped up for the next fight out there with those fires,” he said.

Deputy incident commander Carlton Joseph says that the fire was caused by humans, but it is not known how it was started or whether it was an accident or arson.

Authorities are concerned about another fire near Pasadena and believe they may have to begin evacuating people.

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