Deadly plane crash sparks grass fire

Deadly plane crash sparks grass fire

24 August 2009

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USA — There was a deadly plane crash late Sunday afternoon just North of the CreswellAirport.

The FAA is investigating the cause of the crash.

According to the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, the small plane took off from the Creswell Airport at 4:30. The single engine Piper was towing a glider, with someone inside. Shortly after take-off, and about 250 feet off the ground, the glider disconnected from the plane. The glider’s pilot made it back to the airport safely.

“There is a way for them to disconnect early if there is some kind of emergency with the plane but we don’t know if that’s what happened,” said Lt. Randy Smith.

The pilot of the plane was not so lucky. He died. His identity has not been released. Smith said the pilot is a man from Lane County.

The crash sparked a 40-acre grass fire. Lane Rural fire crews spent several hours putting out the hot spots. Traffic on nearby I-5 nearly came to a halt as drivers looked to see what happened.

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