Raging Forest Fires in Greece

  Raging Forest Fires in Greece

18 August 2009

published by english.ntdtv.com

Greece — A fireman battles to hold back a wall of flames in central Greece.

For a second day, dozens of firefighters, backed by helicopters, are working hard to check the advance of a huge forest fire outside the ancient city of Thebes.

So far the blaze has devoured olive groves, isolated farmhouses and threatened nearby villages.

It’s just one of hundreds of wildfires which has hit the mediterranean country this summer.

But, unlike previous years, emergency services have been quick to bring them under control without serious damage to homes or lives.

Wildfires are frequent in Greece and are often triggered by high temperatures, drought or arson.

Two years ago, Greece declared a state of emergency during a 10-day blaze that left scores dead.

A reprieve for the villages lying in the path of this fire – a change in wind direction is keeping the flames away – at least for now.

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