Authorities concerned over scooter spark

Authorities concerned over scooter spark

9 August 2009

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Australia — Authorities are concerned a scooter which shoots out a trail of sparks has the potential to cause injuries, start blazes and encourage children to play with fire.

The Razor Spark scooter, which has a cartridge behind the back wheel that creates the sparks, is being investigated by the NSW Products Safety Committee for a safety assessment.

NSW firefighters expressed their concern about the scooter after seeing a YouTube clip showing children riding over a flammable liquid.

Rural Fire Service Assistant Commissioner Mark Crosweller said the scooter could pose a bushfire threat, particularly in drought conditions.

“The product also has dangerous aspects in terms of spark,” Mr Crosweller told reporters in Sydney on Sunday.

“Spark into children’s eyes, sparks into their clothing, so it’s not just a bushfire problem.

“It is a device that creates a spark that creates an ignition so anything that’s flammable around that child or around that scooter has the potential to ignite.”

He said children, particularly young boys, can be fascinated by fire but are not aware of how quickly blazes can become uncontrollable.

“I think it’s a device that can encourage children to perhaps experiment in areas we would prefer them not experiment.”

The product’s distributor has noted the concerns and has agreed to cease distribution, awaiting the committee’s report.

NSW Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge said thousands of the scooters have been distributed to stores around Australia and she urged parents to supervise children and note the safety warnings.

“I’m also concerned that these sparks could potentially injure a child’s eye or their skin or their face,” Ms Judge said.

“All of this needs to be looked at very very closely and we need to be proactive.

“I want to make sure that any product out there is safe and can’t cause harm or danger to anyone.”

Ms Judge urged anyone who had evidence about potential dangers posed by the scooter should contact the NSW Products Safety Committee on 9895 2047.


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