500 people evacuated as forest fires threaten holiday homes in Cabrera, Spain

500 people evacuated as forest fires threaten holiday homes in Cabrera, Spain

16 July 2009

published by www.dailymail.co.uk

Spain — Forest fires that blazed across the southern Almeria region of Spain on Tuesday and Wednesday have been successfully tackled by Spanish firefighters.

Around 500 people including British holidaymakers were forced to evacuate their accommodation after wildfires broke out in forests and bushland. 

Dozens of Spanish firefighters and soldiers using three aircraft and five helicopters battled to contain the fires. The cause of the fire is as yet unknown but reports from Spanish forest fire organisation INFOCA suggest it may have been a lightening strike. Residents and visitors were forced to move into nearby hotels as the fire took hold.

Latest reports suggest that the region, which includes a high amount of British ex-pats, had a lucky escape with most properties surviving the blaze. Finca Listonero, a popular 300-year-old restaurant turned villa, is said to be among the buildings badly affected. It is feared some 5000 hectares of forest and bush in the Sierra Cabrera between Turre and Mojacar have been badly affected by the blaze. 

One local resident, David Jackson reported on his blog on Thursday, (www.david.jackson.info) that life was beginning to ‘return to normal’ and the ‘clean up’ was being anticipated. 

The region, in southern Spain, is popular with both British ex-pats and holidaymakers. Temperatures in the area regularly hit 40degrees during the summer months. Nearby Mojacar, famed for its whitewashed houses and cobbled streets, is among the most popular towns for visitors.

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