EJ Metals Introduces First Fire-Rescue Rough Terrain Vehicle (FRRTV) with High Pressure Foam System for Wildland Firefighting and Urban Interface Protection

EJ Metals Introduces First Fire-Rescue Rough Terrain Vehicle (FRRTV) with High Pressure Foam System for Wildland Firefighting and Urban Interface Protection

26 June 2009

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EJ Metals, Inc., a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of wildland fire trucks, has developed a unique, off-road wildland firefighting model that significantly increases the firefighting capability firefighters can expect from a rough terrain utility vehicle. Called the Assault Force™ 70 Fire-Rescue Rough Terrain Vehicle (FRRTV), this new model features a 70-gallon water tank, a 5-gallon Class A foam cell, a high pressure fire pump and a unique, triple-discharge nozzle that allows firefighters to attack brush and wildland fires with a variety of water/foam streams. The hydraulically driven, high-pressure system provides six gallons-per-minute (gpm) of water/foam discharge at 1500 psi, delivering approximately 12 minutes of discharge time.

“The new Assault Force 70 FRRTV, with its high pressure pump system, packs the kind of punch you’d expect from a much larger Quick Attack vehicle into a very compact, highly maneuverable, off-road utility vehicle. It has the potential to change how some wildland and urban interface fires are fought because it simply lets you do more with less water and foam, at a very affordable price. Whether you’re laying a break line, fighting a fast moving grass fire or protecting an exposure, the Assault Force 70’s high pressure firefighting system provides faster fire suppression than traditional water-consumption pump systems and exceptional smothering and cooling properties with high-pressure displacement,” said Kevin Quinn, president of EJ Metals and leader of product development.

The Assault Force 70 is designed for off-road firefighting in the urban interface as well as industrial firefighting applications. It’s built on a four-wheel-drive Kubota RTV900, which is powered by a 21.6-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and has a maximum off-road speed of 25 mph. The firefighting system design and mounting location optimize the center of gravity and stability while driving over rough terrain. The Assault Force 70 is the only FRRTV that has been tilt-table tested to verify its stability and offers a 24-degree side-slope capability.

Powerful Wildland Firefighting and Structural Protection in the Urban Interface

The FRRTV is well suited for rural and urban interface fire departments, forestry services, federal and state agencies, and industrial facility applications. Its high pressure firefighting system features a 1500-psi high-pressure pump, hose reel with 150 feet of high pressure hose, and a control panel at the rear of the vehicle. EJ Metal’s proprietary triple-discharge water/foam nozzle allows firefighters to change spray patterns (straight stream, light mix and heavy mix) instantly for changing fire conditions.

The firefighting system is powered by the Kubota’s exclusive hydraulic utility system, providing pump-and-roll capability. The hydraulic system has a dedicated hydraulic oil cooler and reservoir to keep the fire system running at peak performance. It features a remote valve that is conveniently located at the rear of the vehicle to allow easy connection of the firefighting system. The entire firefighting system is installed as a single unit that can be easily taken on and off with the removal of just two hoses and four pins.

Quinn said, “The FRRTV is extremely versatile and affordable, giving it the potential to be an effective solution for ranchers and homeowners in the urban interface or “exurban” areas who are interested in on-site fire suppression capability for brush fires that can threaten out building, barns, sheds and homes.”

The FRRTV is also equipped with a hydraulic hose and reel, which can be used to power chain saws, submersible pumps, cutters and other equipment. Using the optional submersible pump, the FRRTV can resupply itself by drafting from ponds, streams or water tanks.

The Assault Force 70 has a GVWR of 1,600 pounds, with a payload for equipment, gear and firefighting system of 1,100 pounds. It can be easily trailered to the scene, and itself provides trailer-towing capacity for auxiliary equipment and supplies. Additional fire, EMS and rescue body options are available.

About EJ Metals
EJ Metals is a designer and custom manufacturer of wildland, all-terrain and specialty fire trucks and High Pressure Firefighting Systems. Their product line includes wildland fire trucks, brush trucks, quick attack trucks, rescues, fire-rescue rough terrain vehicles (FRRTVs), RIVs, compressed air foam systems (CAFS), and stand-alone High Pressure Firefighting skid units from 1,500 PSI to 3,000 PSI. EJ Metals also provides refurbishment services and builds custom dump shoots for fire tankers. The company is headquartered in Hortonville, Wis.

For more information, visitwww.ejmetals.com or contact Kevin Quinn at 920.779.9913.

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