Rescue 42, Inc. Introduces The McLaski™ Wildland Combination Tool

Rescue 42, Inc. Introduces The McLaski™ Wildland Combination Tool

11 June 2009

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USA — Rescue 42, Inc. has proudly unveiled its newest product line designed for firefighters, by firefighters, The McLaski™ Wildland Combination Tool.

“The traditional tools used in I-Zone firefighting have been the McLeod and Pulaski,” states long time Cal Firefighter and inventor Tim O’Connell. “I wanted a lightweight, well balanced tool that would have the best features of both plus some extras to minimize the number of tools I had to haul around on a wildland fire.”

The McLaski™ actually features 7 essential wildland tools: a fire rake, hoe, scraper, axe, wildland spanner wrench, gas wrench and fuse holder. Its innovative head design is well balanced and weighs in under 6 lbs to minimize firefighter fatigue, yet is extremely effective at cutting line.

“With more people moving into wilderness areas, the need for effective wildland equipment has never been greater,” comments Mr. O’Connell. “This one tool allows wildland firefighters to chop small brush, create and maintain fire lines and trails and safely light back fires. It’s also an effective tool for structural fires and is great at pulling ceilings, sheetrock, carpet, shingles and other normal overhaul operations.”

The McLaski™ is available in three handle lengths, a 42” helattack, 48” standard and 60” long and use Nupla® composite handles. The 48” handle is also available in wood. Additional information about The McLaski™ Wildland Combination Tool can be found or by calling Rescue 42 toll free at(888) 427-3728.

Pricing and Availability:
The McLaski™ is available in three handle lengths – 42”, 48” and 60”. Composite handle McLaski’s are $149, wood handles are $139. A list of authorized dealers can be found

About Rescue 42, Inc.:
Rescue 42 is a leading manufacturer of innovative rescue equipment located in Northern California. Started in 1995 by longtime firefighter and ex-Nuclear Submariner Tim O’Connell, Rescue 42’s product line includes the Advanced Kevlar® Composite TeleCrib® Stabilization System, The Shark™ Collapsible Step Cribbing, McLaski™ Wildland Combination Tool, the O’Connell Rescue Plate™ (O-Plate™), O-Plate™ Junior and JackMate® Lift Jack Accessory.

Rescue 42, TeleCrib®, The Shark™, McLaski™, O-Plate™ Jackmate® and the Rescue 42 logo are trademarks of Rescue 42, Inc.

Lydia Agurkis, Sales & Marketing Manager
Rescue 42, Inc.
Phone:(530)… / Fax: (530) 891-9255

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