Public Warned Against Open Burning Activities

Public Warned Against Open Burning Activities

9 June 2009

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Brunei — The public has been warned against open burning activities that could lead to bush fires and thus creating a safety hazard for residents and commuters travelling along the Seria By-Pass highway.

Mohd Taha Bakar, Public Relations Officer for the ‘B’ Command Operations, Fire and Rescue Department, made the warning yesterday following the bush fires that have been taking place in Belait over the past week.

Fire stations at the Belait District reported that around 40 hectares of land in Sungai Liang have been badly hit by the fires, followed by Seria (nine hectares), Kuala Belait (two hectares) and Labi (two hectares).

“The authorities are still investigating the cause of the hush fires. It is suspected that the bush fires were the result of open burning activities by members of the public in which fire can easily spread especially with the combination of the hot climate and strong winds,” Mohd Taha Bakar said.

According to reports, as of May, 2009, the Fire and Rescue Department has received a total of 59 bush fire calls from the public throughout the Belait District.

He said members of the public and commuters travelling along the Seria-By-Pass have filed their complaints with the Fire and Rescue hotline.

The Badas open field, one of the badly affected areas hit by haze and bush fires, has now been put under control by the department.

The department is still fighting hard to contain fires at the open areas at kilometer three of the Lumut highway and the open field at the Seria industrial area, he said.

He also advised the public to drive carefully along the road near the affected areas where firemen are still struggling to put out the flames. The haze caused by the bush fires, he said, affected the visibility of road users plying the Seria By-Pass.

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