‘U.S. $942,000 Used On Refurbishment of Game Parks’

U.S. $942,000 Used On Refurbishment of Game Parks

15 May 2009

published by allafrica.com

Zimbabwe —

The Parks and Wildlife Management has exhausted US$942 000 from its total budget on refurbishment of its game parks countrywide.

In an interview with the Herald Business, National Parks’s director general conservation Mr Vitalis Chadenga said that his organisation is geared up for 2010 World cup soccer showcase scheduled for South Africa.

“The organisation has set a total budget of almost US$1million for the refurbishment of our national parks and work is still in progress on some of the national parks, which requires US$58 000 for the completion of the refurbishment exercise,” he said.

“There is some refurbishment taking place at most of our national parks among them Gonarenzou National Park, Kyle and Hwange National Parks. We have completed the refurbishment of Victoria Falls National Park.

“Our major aim is to make sure we meet the deadline for 2010, by end of this year we will be definitely through,” said Mr Chadenga.

However, Mr Chadenga said the national parks have lost 50 black Rhinos from poachers.

“Poaching is a regional problem and we have lost our black rhinos. Measures have already been put in place to counter the problem,” he added.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the official launch of the third anniversary National Fire Awareness Week at Randour Farm in Kadoma on Wednesday this week.

In a related matter, Mr Chadenga stressed the need for fire conservation.

He said National parks are losing vast lands through veld fire. We are going to launch awareness campaigns as of this month. We have already mobilised resources for the programme,” he said.

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