Forest fires raging in Far East and Siberia

Forest fires raging in Far East and Siberia

16 April 2009

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Russia — There area 47 pockets of forest fires in the Far East and Siberia on an area of over 1,500 hectares, a source in the information department of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations told Itar-Tass on Thursday.

“As many as 87 fires resulting from natural causes broke out on the Russian territory within one day. All-in-all 146 fires were registered and 99 of them were put out. In the Far East and Siberia, fires continue raging in 47pockets with a total area of 1,500 hectares,” said the source.

According to the ministry, two large fires were registered in Siberia, spreading to 550 hectares.

The ministry noted that the fires so far do not pose a hazard to populated localities and economic facilities. Over 1,400 people are involved in fire fighting. Two operational groups function in Siberia.

Since the beginning of the forest-fire season 615 fires broke out, taking up an area of about 41,000 hectares.

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