Going to ‘specialists’ to keep rain at bay

Going to ‘specialists’ to keep rain at bay

10 April 2009

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Malaysia — When you don’t want the rain to spoil your day, engaging the services of the local weather consultant would be in order.

The consultant, referred to as bomoh* hujan, has seen employment especially in the sports arena over the years.

It has been said that the bomoh was seen during the exciting Malaysia Cup finals of yesteryear and the Malaysian Golf Opens.

Why, even the organisers of the 1998 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games had weather consultants on their payroll.

According to a SIC officer, engaging a bomoh was a precautionary measure but not the ultimate solution. However, it is not clear if SIC had engaged a bomoh for this year’s race.

Last year, a social club in KL held a swimming meet and engaged the services of a bomoh to keep the rain away for RM8,888. The bomoh would not have been paid if it had rained.

A clear, rainless sky was followed by a starry night. The meet and the alfresco dinner that followed went on smoothly.
The bomoh business is not a recent phenomenon. It was widely acknowledged that a bomoh was in attendance at the proclamation of Independence Day at the Merdeka Stadium in 1957.

Other occasions when bomoh hujan were employed:

2005: During a by-election, a high-ranking politician had suggested that a bomoh be engaged to keep the rain at bay to allow voters to come out.

2005: It was a time when thick haze across the straits was threatening the health of citizens. Cloud seeding was carried out and a rain bomoh was also engaged to bring down the rain to wash away the haze.

2004: It could not be washed away so a bomoh was in attendance at Nokia’s Starlight Cinema show held in the open at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort.

2002: It was rumoured that the organisers brought in their favourite bomoh to “change a downpour to gentle dew” at the “Midnight Express” cycling competition.

2001: The Tourism Board thought it was ringgit well spent to engage the services of a bomoh to ensure fine weather at the Malaysia Mega Sale launch.

2001: The Pancawarna Malaysia — the National Open House — held at Dataran Merdeka proceeded without a hitch weather-wise because it was said a bomoh was employed.

1975: After rain played havoc with the fixtures of the Kuala Lumpur Hockey World Cup, the Malaysian Hockey Federation didn’t think twice about calling in a bomoh to make it a rain-free tournament.

* Note by GFMC: In Malyasia a bomoh is a shaman.

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