20,000 hectares of Mekong forest on fire alert

20,000 hectares of Mekong forest on fire alert

19 March 2009

published by www.saigon-gpdaily.com.vn

Vietnam —

Around 20,000 hectares of cajuput forest are in tinder-dry condition and face a serious threat of fire, the Forest Fire Prevention team reported March 18.

Nguyen Van The, director of the U Minh Ha National Park in the Mekong Delta province of Ca Mau, said 7,600 ha of the park have been affected by drought, with over 1,500 ha placed at fire-risk level four. Another 6,500 ha are at levels 4-5.

Local teams including various forces are on 24-hour alert against fires, and forest management authorities have sought cooperation from local authorities, police, and local residents who have been posted on duty at high-risk areas.

A view of the U Minh Ha cajuput forest in the Mekong Delta

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