Plan to curb savanna wildfire carbon emissions

Plan to curb savanna wildfire carbon emissions

23 March 2009

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Australia — The Federal Government is providing $10 million for research into how Indigenous communities can reduce carbon emissions by controlling fires on savannas in northern Australia.

Researchers from Charles Darwin University and the CSIRO will work with the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance to measure how much pollution can be prevented by using burning off to stop wildfires.

The Alliance hopes the research will enable saved emissions to be counted under the Government’s carbon emissions trading scheme.

Joe Morrison from the Alliance says if they can be included, it could provide jobs for 200 Indigenous people.

“I believe that the science is very robust and is probably more robust than many of the other sciences in the agricultural sector,” Mr Morrison said.

“This means discounting these kind of opportunities will not only just disallow Aboriginal people to be part of the market of carbon pollution reduction, but also it has a lot of co-benefits in terms of creating indigenous employment.

“We would have it included by 2015 so when they get to the point where they are going to discuss agriculture being part of the CPRS our science would definitely be in a position to be robust enough to be included in the CPRS.”

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