Govt asks for measures to check forest fires in Nagaland

      Govt asks for measures to check forest fires in Nagaland

14 March 2009

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Kohima, Nagaland, India — Concerned over forest fire in many parts of Nagaland, the state government has ordered the forest authorities to take adequate measures to check the destruction of flora and fauna.

In a notification issued by Nagaland Commissioner H K Khulu yesterday, village authorities and town councils have been asked to check forest fire in their respective jurisdictions and have been warned that defaulters would be heavily fined even leading to suspension of all government grants.

It added that during burning of jungles for jhum cultivation, all measures should be adopted to prevent fire from spreading to other areas.

The Commissioner has also asked village councils to keep the local administration updated about dates of burning of forests so that preventive measures could be adopted.

With the advent of spring, which brings with it wind and a dry spell, forest fires pose a problem in the state.

Moreover, traditional jungle clearing operations sometimes spreads to nearby forests and even to residential areas.

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