Thick Haze, Tiny Dust Particles Affecting Thailand

   Thick Haze, Tiny Dust Particles Affecting Thailand

11 March 2009

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Thailand — Thailand’s North Wednesday has remained affected by a thick haze and tiny dust particles from seasonal burning-off fires.

The problems have debuted since early March in several provinces of the mountainous North as the level of dust particles, technically called particulate matter (PM-10), is found to exceed acceptable limits. The PM-10 is a complex mixture of organic and inorganic substances.

In Chiang Rai province it was measured at 270 micrograms per cubic meter against a health standard of 120 micrograms per cubic meter, Thai-language news agency INN reported.

In the city of Chiang Mai province, bordering Chiang Rai, at 10. 00 a.m. local time, it was measured at over 160 micrograms per cubic meter, the website by Thai-language newspaper Thai Rath reported.

The thick smog has resulted in poor vision conditions for drivers in the two provinces.

Moreover, the polluted air due to the thick smog and high levels of the dust particles has been affecting local people’s respiratory system.

Several thousands of the people there, especially the aged and children, are the most affected groups.

Local medical authorities have suggested local people suspend field exercises, close windows, and use a mouth nose mask.

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