Cross-border forest fire in SW China under control

Cross-border forest fire in SW China under control

24 February 2009

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China — A forest fire that spread to southwest China’s Yunnan Province from neighboring Myanmar is under control and expected to be extinguished by Wednesday, fire-fighters said Tuesday.

The southern area of the blaze had been extinguished and 600 people were patrolling the area to ensure no further outbreaks, said an official of the fire control headquarters. No casualties have been reported.

About 100 police, 280 soldiers and more than 300 residents were trying to put out the blaze in the north.

The area of forest still ablaze is unknown, but is believed to be less than 10 hectares.

A four-day forest fire in Myanmar crossed the southwest China border on Sunday, and had engulfed less than 60 hectares of forest in China by Monday.

Earlier reports said the total area was estimated at 300 hectares, but forest police clarified that most of the area ablaze was in Myanmar.

More than 4,000 people have assisted in fighting the fire.

Strong winds, dry weather and mountainous terrain made it difficult for fire-fighters to battle the blaze, said a spokesman for Tengchong County.

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