Bahamia residents again battling effects of bush fires

Bahamia residents again battling effects of bush fires

19 February 2009

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The Bahamas — Residents in north and south Bahamia are once again plagued with the odious effects of bush fires in that area and firefighters were yesterday on the scene doing what they could to extinguish the pockets of flames and their smoky residue.

One irate and concerned resident phoned in to the newsroom complaining of the thick, noxious fumes that caused his wife to be transported to the hospital on three occasions for difficulties suffered from smoke inhalation weeks ago.

His concern was that he wanted to prevent a similar occurrence.

The thick white smoke fixed in various areas of that residential community yesterday forced many residents to close their windows and doors and leave the area, while some home owners chose to stay and take precautionary measures to secure their properties.

When contacted Constable George Armbrister, officer attached to the Fire branch, explained that a unit was dispatched to the area and a second appliance was rushed down from east Grand Bahama to assist in fighting the fires, one of which rested in North Bahamia and a second in the south.

The officer explained that by 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the blaze had been contained.

Up to press time yesterday, smoke could still be seen in that area and fire officials were said to be monitoring it.

Firefighters were said to be busy yesterday as several bush fires were reported in the Lewis Yard area and in East End. Those blazes which had residents in the areas concerned for their property and well-being were extinguished without incident.

Just last month a similar ordeal was suffered by home owners along Pinta Avenue, whose homes were invaded by clouds of thick white smoke which lingered in the area for nearly three days, the result of a raging bush fire in that vicinity.

It was then that residents, concerned about the proximity of the fire to their homes, called into The Freeport News complaining that not enough was being done by fire officials to extinguish it.

Other residents applauded the work of firefighters one of which was homeowner Gwen Newbold who said the fire department responded very quickly when the incident was reported.

She added that her husband was out at one point fighting the flames, which had gotten near to their home, with a garden hose.

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