Kelantan fire dept set to fight forest fires

Kelantan fire dept set to fight forest fires

29 January 2009

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Malaysia — Firemen in the state will be on alert for forest fires caused by the annual drought between March and June, right on the heels of the monsoon season.

State Fire and Rescue Department director Azmi Osman said the hotspots included the Rantau Panjang Highway, Bachok, Beris, Pasir Putih and Dabong.

“We are prepared for the worst. We received additional 59 pumps and one hydro sub which is capable of spraying water up to two kilometres.

“Our task is also made easier with the Government Integrated Radio Network (GIRN) which enhances communication, especially in rural areas with no communications network,” he said at the department’s annual gathering yesterday. He said the GIRN system would be installed in stages and fully implemented by May.

On another matter, he said a new gadget, costing RM300, to catch snakes called Cobra PC was supplied to 15 fire stations to handle snake threats.

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