Brush fire season ready to spark

Brush fire season ready to spark

26 January 2009

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USA — First came the frost; now, come the fires. Last week’s freezing temperatures become the perfect ingredient for brush fires, including one Monday.

Brown, crunchy vegetation, ready to burn, helped 75 acres in southern lee county flare up Monday.

“With the wind conditions, with the lack of rain, humidity levels, a whole gamut of factors came into play,” said Susan Lindenmuth of the Estero Fire District.

While this blaze happened in a remote area of the county, off Alico road, far from any people or homes, the same conditions are being found in neighborhoods across southwest Florida.

“That’s the way it is around most of the state,” Lindenmuth said. “The frost damage has come in and killed off, and made the drought conditions even worse.”

Monday’s brush fire sparked up from a previous controlled burn nearby, but fire officials say these conditions show just how easily any fire can flare up, especially if carelessness is added to the mix.

“A majority of the wildfires that were started last year were started by human hands. It wasn’t mother nature, it was human hands that started these,” Lindenmuth said. “We’re almost the beginning of February. We have a long way to go until rainy season.’

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