Greek firefighters to learn from CFS

Greek firefighters to learn from CFS

26 January 2009

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Greece/Australia — Firefighters from Greece are in Adelaide this week to learn from the Country Fire Service (CFS).

Major Kapakis and Major Lambris from the Hellenic Fire Service are in South Australia as part of a national tour.

The deputy chief officer of the CFS, Andrew Lawson, says the two visitors want to know how firefighters here battle large-scale bushfires.

Devastating bushfires in Greece killed 76 people just over a year ago.

Mr Lawson says the conditions Greek and Australian firefighters work in are very similar.

“We’re both Mediterranean climates, they have a very different fuel type, different vegetation than us, but they do have a lot of similar plants and grasses, so the fuel, the bit that burns, is very very similar and so is the weather conditions,” he said.

“It’s an exchange of information, exchange of experiences, the fires they had a couple of years ago would challenge any fire service in any country and it’s of benefit to them and benefit to us that we learn from each other.”

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