Thirty hectares of vegetation devastated by fire in Kissama Park

Thirty hectares of vegetation devastated by fire in Kissama Park

29 December 2008

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Luanda, Angola — A fire of big proportions last Saturday devastated for eight hours about 30 hectares of low grass in the northern part of the National Park of Kissama in Bengo Province, without affecting the medium and large fauna or causing any human victims.

According to information collected last Sunday from senior staff of the Ministry of  Environment, at the fire site, the incident happened about 01.00 p.m last Saturday and it was caused by a short-circuit in car that belonged to a tourist who was driving around the park.

ANGOP has learnt that for the fire extinction operation, over 250 men, air and ground means were mobilised.

For the success of this operation, the Fire-fighters counted on the quick intervention of the National System for Civil Protection, in collaboration with the brigade of the Special Forces of  the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) based in Cabo Ledo.

To stop and control the fire, officers of the National Police Command, provincial government of Bengo, districts administrations of Quissama and Cabo Ledo, as well as the Kissama Foundation also participated in the fire extinction operation.

The Ministry of Environment has already expressed his thanks to the above mentioned institutions for their prompt response.

Among the entities present at the site of the fire highlights go to the provincial governor of Bengo, Jorge Inocêncio Dombolo, the chief of staff of the Angolan Armed Forces, gen. Francisco Pereira Furtado, the general commander of the Angolan National Police, Ambrósio
de Lemos, and the general commander of the National Fire-Brigade, Eugénio Laborinho, who is also the co-ordinator of the National System for Civil Protection.

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