High winds fan Hatay forest fire

High winds fan Hatay forest fire

23 December 2008

published by www.hurriyet.com.tr

 Turkey — A forest fire that started three days ago in Hatay’s Samandağ district, has been invigorated by winds and now spreads over 300 hectares.

Teams from Hatay, Kilis, Osmaniye, Kahramanmaraş, Mersin and Adana arrived to help local teams extinguish the fire that started at two different points in the Şahlankaya and Arsuz-Uluçınar districts.

Authorities said intervention in the fire remained limited due to high winds that had affected the region for some time. “Teams are having difficulty extinguishing the fire due to high winds and steep land. What triggered the fire remains unknown,” said Nusret Miroğlu, Hatay governor.

The fire started in an area of 30 to 40 hectares, but expanded to 200 hectares because of the wind, Miroğlu said. “The wind has prevented our teams from using helicopters to extinguish the fire. A team from neighboring cities has also arrived in the area. The fire is away from residential premises so there is no risk of loss of life,” he said.

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