Time to Prune Trees and Prepare for Wildfire Season

Time to Prune Trees and Prepare for Wildfire Season

10 December 2008

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USA — Winter is the best time to prune trees.

During December, January and February, trees are dormant and aren’t using their energy to grow and reproduce. Take advantage of this annual “downtime” to shape and trim your trees. MDC’s “Basic Pruning Guidelines” shows you how to using pruning techniques to optimize your trees’ beauty, health and longevity. Browse our Web site’sForestry section to learn more about conserving your landscape trees, woodlot or private forest.

Baby, it’s cold outside–but wildfire season is about to heat up

Shortly after the holiday season ends, the dry, windy days of early spring usher in Missouri’s wildfire season. Across the Show-Me State, thousands of acres of forest and grassland will burn. Most of these fires will be caused by human negligence or malicious arson.

MDC has a whole mini-site dedicated to helping you protect your land and property from wildfire. Use it to explore alternatives to burning, conducting safe prescribed burns, reducing fuel loads around your home and making your home and community “firewise

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