Wildfire News of the Day – 120608

6 December 2008

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USA — The first two items in wildfire news today underscore how we are a litigation nation: California sues SCE over a 2006 wildfire caused in part by their power lines, and a couple in Yorba Linda are suing their city in regards to losing their home to recent wildfires. A botanist raises awareness of non-native seeds being sown in areas damaged by wildfires, while an investigation was ongoing up by Porterville in regards to a small human-caused wildfire near a series of controlled burns. Folks in Arizona are concerned about runoff from areas burned in previous years, but not yet repopulated by enough vegetation. An article out of Idaho touches on the importance of cross-training structure firefighters in wildland techniques as well, and an article out of Oregon discusses the recent study about forest losses due to wildfires (mentioned here a few days ago). Two items out of Florida: an Op-Ed by Tall Timbers Research Station and Land Conservancy supportive of controlled burns, another discusses an often-overlooked aspect of wildfire losses – renters who lose everything and are not eligible for recovery funds. Finally, a bit of Christmas cheer as firefighters in Georgia help out a pair of camels on their way to a Nativity reenactment.

Major news:
State sues Edison over firefighting costs

Homeowners: City liable for home razed in fire

New plants, new fire risks

Wildland fire discovered in Solo Peak area

Rim communities face serious debris flow

Firefighters get additional wildland fire training

Report: Forest fire losses not often huge

Prescribed Burns Are Clean, Helpful

Slow recovery for renters after wildfires

Firefighters free stuck camels

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