Yosemite wildfire culprit gets community service

Yosemite wildfire culprit gets community service

6 December 2008

published by www.usatoday.com


USA — Authorities say a 29-year-old target shooter who mistakenly ignited a wildfire last summer that threatened Yosemite National Park has been sentenced to 60 hours of community services and fined $541.

A Superior Court judge also sentenced Davin Craig Mosher to three years of informal probation on Thursday.

Mosher was target shooting with an assault rifle when a ricocheting bullet sent a spark into dry brush and started the fire. Mosher alerted authorities but the blaze spread rapidly, burning 34,000 acres and destroying 30 homes in Mariposa County.

Mosher said he was unaware he was using steel-jacketed bullets, which can cause sparks. The judge noted that Mosher accepted full responsibility.

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