Heavy Rainfall in California Wildfire Zones Could Lead to Landslides, Flooding

Heavy Rainfall in California Wildfire Zones Could Lead to Landslides, Flooding

26 November 2008

published by www.insurancejournal.com

USA — As heavy rainfall is forecasted for Southern California, particularly in areas recently ravaged by destructive wildfires, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner advised all Californians to check their coverage and evaluate their need for flood insurance. He also urged homeowners to review their insurance coverage regularly, including supplemental policies like flood insurance, and to conduct a home inventory to ensure that their homes and possessions are properly covered.

“First and foremost, all Californians should take precautions to stay safe during these storms,” said Commissioner Poizner. “It is also essential that homeowners evaluate their individual needs for flood and other supplemental insurance policies. I encourage all Californians to document their possessions before any type of disaster strikes. Suffering the loss of a home or belongings is an extremely stressful experience. Relying solely on your memory to inventory your assets is a mistake that can be easily avoided. If anyone experiences property damage during these tremendous storms and requires assistance with filing a claim, please call our Consumer Hotline at 1-800-927-HELP.”

In California, most standard homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover mudslides. CDI is encouraging consumers to contact their insurers to determine exactly what their current policies will cover and if the purchase of flood insurance is a worthwhile option for them. A flood insurance policy typically takes effect 30 days after it is purchased.

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