CSIRO launches ‘bushfire’ wind tunnel

CSIRO launches ‘bushfire’ wind tunnel

24 November 2008

published by http://news.sbs.com.au

Australia — Researchers are now able to start their own bushfires in the name of science.

But the damage will be limited to a 25-metre long aluminium wind tunnel.

The CSIRO-built Pyrotron, with its five-metre long fuel bed, will enable researchers to observe and measure combustion at a fire front under controlled and repeatable conditions.

“This is something that’s not possible to do in the field due to our inability to be where it matters in a free-moving bushfire,” researcher Andrew Sullivan said.

The tunnel will help researchers better understand the mechanics of bushfire spread.

It can be adapted for different types of fuel, such as leaves, twigs and bark, and climatic conditions.

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