Discounts on Air Purifiers for California Wildfire Victims Suffering from Polluted Air

Discounts on Air Purifiers for California Wildfire Victims Suffering from Polluted Air

19 November 2008

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USA — Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are currently shrouded in a smoky haze of unhealthy air and ash. is offering a 20% discount off select air purifiers to help those affected by the wildfires, smoke, and related air pollution in the area.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 19, 2008 — Fortunately, winds are calming and firefighters are making more headway in the devastating wildfires burning throughout Southern California. Luckily, no deaths have been reported although flames have ripped through close to 1,000 homes while 50,000 people have been evacuated and almost 50 square miles of land have been blackened. At one point, the main culprit of the fires, the Santa Ana winds, gusted up to 70 miles per hour and joined forces with the extremely low relative humidity levels of 10-15% to create explosive fire weather.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “The flames did not discriminate. Unhealthful air, ash and smoky haze hung over parts of Southern California that the flames did not directly touch.” Downtown Los Angeles is currently shrouded in a smoky haze sparking fear of deteriorating air quality in the area.

]]> For the second time this year, is offering a temporary 20% discount off selectair purifiers to help Californians affected by the wild fires, smoke and related air pollution. recommends that people in the vicinity of the polluted air caused by the wildfires do the following:

  • Stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Keep all windows and doors closed and seal any gaps.
  • Avoid smoking, painting and doing anything else that could release noxious odors into the home.
  • Designate the room you spend the most time in as a clean room, usually the bedroom, and put a high quality air purifier in the room.
  • Run the air purifier on the highest fan setting.
  • Focus on one room for an air purifier to operate correctly, not an entire house or apartment.

Californians interested in consultation on their specific air pollution problems or needing help selecting the most appropriate air purifiers for their needs should contact Through a brief discussion about the particular environment, product experts can recommend the best air purifier fit.

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