Prepare for difficult bushfire season: Brumby

Prepare for difficult bushfire season: Brumby

27 October 2008

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Australia — The Victorian Premier, John Brumby, says a lack of rain in many parts of Victorian means the bushfire threat is greater than in previous years.

Mr Brumby says his Government has put $100-million towards this season’s fire fighting efforts.

He says Victorians need to be prepared for an intense bushfire season.

“If you look at the rainfall figures, the lowest on record; if you look at the stream flow figures, they’re the lowest on record.”

“In terms of fire intensity and fire risk we’re amongst the highest on record.”

He called on all Victorians to be vigilant and to prepare for what will certainly be a very intense and very difficult summer.

Fire services prepared

Russell Rees, the chief fire officer for the Country Fire Authority (CFA) says the fire services are prepared.

“We are totally committed and prepared. The fire services are ready. But we need the community to be ready with us,” he said.

“There will be fires. Let us not kid ourselves. There will be fires. The fire services are prepared. We are putting enormous effort into first attack.”

“We want the community to be prepared. We want them to know what to do when there is a fire. One day our luck will run out in the state of Victoria,” he said.

Mr Rees said the worst case scenario is a quickly burning fire in the area where the country meets the suburbs.

He said in 2007, the great divide fire ran for 69 days, burnt 1-million hectares with the loss of 50 houses.

But a fire in the Dandenongs, that only ran for one afternoon, burnt 600 hectares, 41 homes and took three lives.

This year’s bushfire season officially starts next week.

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