Tourists in France Crash

Tourists in France Crash

19 October 2008

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France — Holiday firm Shearings said one of its coach was written off in the 24-vehicle accident between Metz and Strasbourg but all 36 tourists on board were unhurt.

The Britons were heading to Italy when the crash happened in heavy fog.

A 72-year-old French man, who lives in the UK, died and 36 people were injured, including eight children.

The French prefecture of Moselle said the dead man was travelling with his British wife. She was taken to the Claude Bernard hospital in Metz and was thought to be in a serious but stable condition.

The pair were travelling in a Smart car.

Authorities said a bushfire near the road had made visibility even worse at the time of the incident – just after 9am.

Two lanes on the busy A4 motorway to Paris remained closed until 2pm.

The driver of the Shearings coach, who did not wish to be named, described the fog which caused the accident as “like hitting a brick wall”.

He said: “We’ve heard that the locals in the nearby village might have been burning a field and this, mixed with the fog, it was like hitting a brick wall and was the worst I’ve ever seen.

“It was all very calm after the accident and everybody on our coach was wearing their seatbelts so there were no injuries.”

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