Woman Loses Life’s Savings in Brush Fire

Woman Loses Life’s Savings in Brush Fire

15 October 2008

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USA — One woman not only lost her home in the “Marek Brush Fire”, which destroyed dozens of homes, in the eastern San Fernando Valley, she also lost her entire life’s savings.

47 year old Teresa Escamilla says she had $12,000 in cash tucked away inside a shoe box, which she stored in her closet. She had saved the money for five years working two jobs, one as a nurse’s assistant, with hopes of buying a home of her own one day. But, that dream went up in smoke when flames tore through her home on Monday, leaving behind only ashes.

The mobile home Escamilla has rented for the past three years was one of 38 destroyed when the fire ripped through the Sky Terrace Lodge mobile home park in Sylmar.

“I don’t feel like doing anything except staying on this little bed,” Escamilla said Tuesday while resting on a donated cot at an evacuation center at San Fernando High School.

“It hurts so much,” she said. “So much sacrifice so I could have something a little better.”

Escamilla says she was working an overnight shift when the fire broke out early Sunday morning and was kept away from her home by firefighters.

When asked why she didn’t put the money in a bank, Escamilla says he felt the money would be safer where she could see it.

The Marek Fire burned 4,284 acres and is 80 percent contained. Full containment is expected by Thursday.

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