Wildfire Conditions Change Regional Wines

Wildfire Conditions Change Regional Wines

4 October 2008

published by www.ktvl.com

USA — Even though wildfire season is almost over, the smoky conditions can leave a surprising lasting affect on the region’s wine, according to one local vineyard owner.

Now the Troon Vineyard near Grants Pass is turning the unusual circumstances into a way to thank local firefighters.

Troon Vineyards owner Chris Martin said, “The fires can have an impact on the vines in a variety of different ways. Whether it’s creating a greenhouse effect with the smoke in the air or, there’s been some cases where the fire rolls right up to the vineyard and can be much more destructive than that. So, there are definitely impacts that can come from the fire.”

Now, after the vineyard celebrated its annual harvest party with pumpkin carving, grape stomping and wine tasting, Martin presented a local fire district with a check for almost $2,000.

The money came from portions of a special commemorative vintage dedicated to the Blossom fire.

Martin said more checks for the fire departments are likely to come.

A similar wine was released after the 2002 Biscuit fire, which Troon officials say forced a dark cloud of smoke and soot to hang for months, creating a distinct flavor seemingly linked to the smoky conditions.

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