Fetch Launches U.S. Wildfires Intelligence Portal

Fetch Launches U.S. Wildfires Intelligence Portal

9 September 2008

published by www.businesswire.com

USA — As California’s wildfires continue their devastating rampage throughout the state, LA-based Web integration companyFetch Technologies today introducesWildfire, the most comprehensive real-time news and information portal for active wildfires across California and the rest of the United States ever assembled.

Created as a showcase for Fetch Technologies’ Intelligence Portal Solution (FIPS),Wildfire demonstrates Fetch’s ability to build automated information portals that quickly and accurately aggregate, integrate and display relevant data from a wide array of disparate information sources. With applications ranging from homeland security to business intelligence, Fetch FIPS-based information systems help businesses make informed, often mission-critical decisions when time is of the essence.

“The Wildfire portal provides a single place to explore all possible information about wildfires across the United States,” explains Robert Landes, CEO of Fetch Technologies.Wildfire pulls information about active wildfires fromNASA,InciWeb, fire perimeter data from GeoMAC, theWildland Fire Assessment System, thousands of news sites, federal, local and state agencies, photos fromFlikr, videos from news agencies and YouTube, displayed on annotated geospatial maps.

“By aggregating information from official sources like news media and governmental agencies with user-generated content fromYouTube,Flikr, and blogs,Wildfire provides a more holistic view on individual wildfires than any other single news and information resource,” adds Landes. “While this application is an ideal showcase for our Intelligence Portal Solution, it also provides a valuable resource to anyone interested in getting the most up-to-date information on wildfires across the U.S.”

Developed in part from anSBIR grant fromNASA,Wildfire showcases a variety of Fetch Technologies’ innovations including the use ofproprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that automatically parse relevant data from thousands of structured and unstructured Web data sources, includingDeep Web information. “Our use of AI and machine leaning automates what would take hundreds of man-hours to otherwise generate. We build complex information systems that run themselves with as little or as much human intervention as our client requires,” adds Landes.

The FIPS framework makes it simple to create other related situational intelligence portals, such as a portal for managing responses to potential terrorist attacks, hurricanes or floods. Fetch’s underlying aggregation technology is currently used commercially by Dow Jones, AAA, Zvents, Farelogix, and other customers to aggregate and integrate information from disparate, often heterogeneous data sources.

About Fetch Technologies, Inc.

Fetch Technologies is a leading provider of artificial intelligence-based Web Integration solutions. Developed under funding by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), NSF, NASA, the Air Force, and other U.S. Government agencies, the Fetch Agent Platform provides fast and powerful integration of data from virtually any data repository. Customers include Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, search-and-retrieval companies, electronic publishers, and more.

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