Blaze set to hit Neighbours

Blaze set to hit Neighbours

1 September 2008

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United Kingdom — A blazing bush fire will reportedly prove tragic in Neighbours after a birthday picnic goes horribly wrong.

Ramsey Street residents are set to congregate in a wood to celebrate Marco Silvani’s birthday, but according to the Daily Star, events take a turn for the worse when Karl and Susan (played by Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne) discover a fire.

The pair are apparently prevented from warning others about the blaze by flames which block their path.

The newspaper reports that, despite the best efforts of a search and rescue team who manage to save most of the group, one resident will die and another will be left struggling to survive after the bush fire.

A source told the paper: “It’s heartbreaking because not everyone makes it back. They get split up and there are a few who have to decide whether to save themselves or put their lives on the line to help others.”

The insider added: “It is a desperate time for everyone as they wait to hear who has survived and who will be brought back in a body bag.”

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