Weather mission to save lives

Weather mission to save lives

13 August 2008

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Australia — Australia’s top weatherman will try to save lives in developing nations by improving the world’s meteorological services.

Geoff Love finishes as director of meteorology today and begins as the director of the World Meteorological Organisation’s weather and disaster risk reduction service next month.

A large part of his new role involves trying to bring other countries’ weather forecasting and climate monitoring up to the level of Australia’s, ”the best value meteorological service in the world”.

He will help them improve the way they respond to natural disasters such as cyclones, floods and bushfires.

”We have to spread some of what we know to people to places that need it even now with tropical cyclones you see little countries like Niue virtually get blown off the map and how to better forecast those and how to better deal with disasters,” he said.

Dr Love is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which won the Nobel Peace Prize last year.

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