TUI evacuates Rhodes hotel due to forest fires

TUI evacuates Rhodes hotel due to forest fires

28 July 2008

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Greece — TUI Travel was forced to evacuate overnight up to 300 customers due to the forest fires sweeping across Rhodes.

Federation of Tour Operators director general Andy Cooper said while there was no immediate danger, the decision was made to move between 200 and 300 guests to properties elsewhere to give them a reprieve from the smoke.

He said the guests were evacuated on Friday and returned to their hotels on the Saturday as Greek authorities finally take the upper hand in the fight against the fires.

He added: “It wasn’t that it (the situation) was dangerous, there was lots of smoke and they wanted to give them some time away from it.”

The fires have raged across the island for six days now, destroying 5,000 hectares of forest in the process.

It has taken 500 firefighters, 100 soldiers, 16 aircraft, four water bombers from Italy and France and a Cypriot to bring the blaze, which threatened a village and three hotels, under control.

While the fires have now been put out, firemen are now keeping an eye on the embers for fear they should spark up again.

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