Bushfires and drought take toll on honey production

Bushfires and drought take toll on honey production

8 July 2008

published by www.abc.net.au

Australia — Australia has begun importing honey due to a forty per cent drop in Victoria’s honey production.

The president of the Victorian Apiarists Association, Ken Gell, says bushfires in the Grampians region have destroyed more than 3000 hives in the past three years.

He says the drought has also reduced productivity.

“We’re just starting to see imports of honey coming into the country now,” he says.

“That’s the result of drought and once again we can’t put bees where the fires were.

“Normally, in the summertime, beekeepers would be able to put their bees in the Grampians and collect tea-tree, which would actually keep the bees alive and produce a bit of honey as well.”

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