Early monsoon saves flora and fauna in Himachal from fire

Early monsoon savesflora and fauna in Himachal from fire

26 June 2008

published by http://himachal.us

India — The onset of earlier monsoon has relieved the forest department. Thedepartment that usually remained on its toes in May and June due to the largescale cases of forest fire, had to shed less sweat to check the fire this time.

The less cases of fire have recorded in this summer. As per roughly estimatesthe forest fire cases were 50 percent less than it used to in correspondingperiods of past years. According to inputs gathered, every year the flora andfauna over 1,000 hectares of area in Dharampur forest range having total area of3,937.50 hectares had fallen prey to the devastating fire. However, this timethe fire has been reportedly noticed on around 500 hectare of areas.

The premature monsoon has saved the flora and fauna in a big way. By thistime majority of forest area looked barren after the fire cases. The emerging ofsmoke from forest was common by now. However, the things were different thistime as forest area was full of greenery.

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