Forest fire continues to burn in Upper Clyde area

Forest fire continues to burn in Upper Clyde area

26 June 2008

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Canada — Firefighting crews and three helicopters were battling a forestfire that continued to burn in Shelburne County Thursday.

Natural Resources spokeswoman Jennifer Gavin said the fire zone, in the UpperClyde area, had been pretty much contained through Wednesday night.

She said that as of first light the fire hadn’t spread beyond the 80 hectaresof brush and woodland that have already burned.

“The winds remain fairly low and it was low all night,” said Gavin. “They(firefighters) are optimistic that they are going to make some progress…butthey are cautious because weather conditions can change at the drop of a hat.”

The fire is reported to have originated in the Bloody Creek area.

There was a voluntary evacuation of residents living on some roads in theClyde River area and some roads were closed.

But RCMP say most people were let back in and the roads were reopenedWednesday night.

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