Forest fire still raging in Aust-Agder

Forest fire still raging in Aust-Agder

12June 2008

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The forest fire in Froland, in the county of Aust-Agder is raging for the fourth day, and has so far consumed 2500 acres of timber and brush. Fresh crews of fire fighters were brought in Thursday morning. Another 18 persons have been evacuated.

This brings to 67 the number of people evacuated from their homes so far, mainly because of the danger of smoke inhalation. No one has been injured.

On Thursday morning helicopters were again brought in to assist in dousing the flames in the rocky and difficult terrain. On the ground a crew of more than 80 persons from several fire brigades, the Civil Defence and the Home Guard are engaged in containing the fire and protecting farms and private homes. Several weekend cabins have been consumed by the flames.

However, the strong wind abated somewhat during the night, slowing down the spreading of the fire.

The Froland fire is said to be the worst forest fire in Norway since the Second World War, and experts say they will not be able to put out the fire altogether without the help of a considerable rainfall.

The forecast gives hope for some rain Friday and Saturday.

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