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Chiefof Primorski Aviabase fired

22May 2008

Publishedby the FederalForestry Agency of Russia (Rosleshoz)

The chief of Primorski avia base was fired since he rejected to lower the data on fires.?

Vyacheslav Fedotov sent a letter to Rosleskhoz and Avialesookhrana explaining the real cause of his firing.


Primorski Kray becomes the first region where local authorities instead of fire fighting are involved in fighting with people who do not agree with their current policy of hiding the truth.

Primorski Kray shows invalid information of fires: early May data almost in two times less (215 fires) tha satellite data (382 fires). Burned area is 70 thousand hectares but in the report is shown only 34 thousand hectares.


Rosleskhoz prepared an order to governor of Primosrki Krai (who now is under investigation as criminal also) to investigate this.


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