Fire Fighters searching for stolen ‘bambi bucket’

FireFighters searching for stolen ‘bambi bucket’

30 April 2008

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Bushfires NT wants thieves to give an anonymous tip off on where a stolen fire fighting water bombing bucket can be found.

The 500 litre bag, known as a bambi bucket, hangs underneath a helicopter and was stolen on Sunday when thieves shot the lock off a gate at the Mount Bundey Field Training Area.

The Director of Bushfires NT Steve Sutton says he can’t think of any other use for the large orange bag.

“We use the bambi bucket principally for asset protection, so if we have a wildfire that is out of control, and there’s a house or other property in the way, the bambi bucket’s absolutely essential.

“We’ll have to get another one of course. But in the meantime we just hope that nobody has a fire where they need a bambi bucket.”

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